Laudco Media forms a JVwith content Marketing agency Wytti, Launces LXW

Bangalore: The digital marketing landscape in India is pretty fragmented with multiple players offering varited solutions – from performance marketing, to influencder marketing to content- driven solutions. Marketers have long chased different agencies and freelancers to address multiple aspects of their 360-degree marketing activites.

Two Bangalore-based powerouses, Laudco and Wytti have come together to provide the ultimate solution to all marketing needs. Wytti specializes in research-driven witty content distribution. The LXW Project is an initiative by both the firms to bring together all marketing solutions that new-age marketers need under their armours.

The combined repertoire of clients for both the firms include brands like Flipkart, Intel, CISCO, Bosch India, The Mom Store, Peoplestrong, Werner Finley and many more. The leaders of both Laudco and Wytti bring with them rich professional experience in the field of new-age marketing.

Shubham Mehrotra, Founder and CEO of Laudco has been an Economic Times’Young Business Leader in the year 2019. She is a brand strategist managing high-stake projects, providing strategic counsel to Fortune 500 clients, C-suite executives, elected officials and non-profit organisations in the areas of digital transformation. Bhavana Pandey, Founder and Chief Content Strategist at Wytti specializes in non-traditional marketing for B2B firms. She has been collaborating with various media houses to adopt brand storytelling in order to make marketing more informative, educative and entertainingj at the same time.

The shared vision for the LXW is to create an entitiy offering all sorts of high quality marketing solutions under one umbrella. “The LXW is all set to revolutoinize digital marketing in India by helping client have a marketing wing outside of their own organization”, says Shubham.

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